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Pernambuco wood, round or octagon stick, silver grip and Paris eye frog.
Violin: $155.00
Viola:  $165.00
Cello:  $205.00


Fine pernambuco wood, round or octagon stick,
imitation whale bone grip, fully lined ebony frog with Parisian eye
and nickel silver button.
Violin: $250.00
Viola:  $265.00
Cello:  $295.00


From the workshop of Hermann Luger, this is a well aged select pernambuco wood bow with a full silver lined frog and winding.
Violin: $325.00
Viola:  $335.00
Cello:  $355.00


Made in Brazil, these bows are handcrafted by individual makers from one shop.  Every bow is made from select pernambuco wood, naturally aged and dried to ensure the finished bow will hold its form.  These bows are mounted with nickel/silver.
Violin:  $575.00
Viola:  $625.00
Cello:  $695.00

Master crafted bows by Hermann Luger come from select, well aged pernambuco wood, the finest frog and accessories. Shown above are examples of white horn and black horn frogs.  Luger bows are known for exceptional handwork, detail, playability and sound. 
Violin:  $595.00
Viola:  $605.00
Cello:  $695.00


This is a carbon fiber bow with a pernambuco veneer giving it the appearance of a full wood bow.  All details are sterling silver.  These bows are impervious to chemical and weather changes and have a superior strength and durability to wood bows. 
Violin: $700.00


Made in Brazil, these bows are handcrafted by individual makers from one shop.  Special attention is given to the selection of straight grain, flawless wood blanks in the manufacture of these silver mounted bows. The frogs are custom made of the finest ebony and designed to the company specifications. Parisian eyes are standard and buttons are solid or three-piece. Tip plates are of mastodon or bone. Windings are of sterling silver or imitation whalebone.
Violin: $810.00
Viola:  $850.00
Cello:  $950.00


Once again from the workshop of Hermann Luger comes this beautiful etched silver bow. The tip is also decorated the same. Made from fine pernambuco with sterling silver details.
Violin: $1,200.00
Viola: $1,300.00
Cello:  $1,400.00

“Special Edition”

After an intensive period of training at Mr. Pierre Guillaume's Atelier in Belgium, Flavio and Vanderson Schaeffer from Brasil are now the exclusive makers for this line of bows. The Special Edition Bows are made from the finest pernambuco blanks, carefully selected and crafted by Mr. Guillaume's standards.
 Violin: $1,500.00
Viola:  $1,600.00
Cello:  $1,700.00



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